I’m not entirely sure that my bio is all that compelling, so I’m going to go with a list of some of the things I’ve been/done/identified with at some point in my life and may or may not still.
Adventurer, Reader, Photographer, Search and Rescue Volunteer, Scientist-in-training, Dog owner, Cat owner, Rabbit owner, Rat owner, Kitchen mess-maker, Paddler, Researcher on aging, Plant root measurer, Buddhist, Devoted partner, Devoted planter, Devoted pastry consumer, Fisherman, Fish researcher, Man who swims with fishes, Friend of the elderly and infirm, “the male receptionist” for the local emergency department, “Didn’t I see you at the front desk when I came into the ER?”,  Hockey fan, Georgian, Floridian, Kansan, Missourian, Illinoisan, Southern by grace of where my parents lived when I was growing up, Completely lacking Southern accent for no good reason.

I hope you enjoy my photography. All credit for any slight perceived talent should be directed to my amazing mother, who passed it down genetically to me… and maybe taught me a thing or two after I was born, too.


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